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A new way to bring you quality massage and save you money!  

Many people set the intention to receive massage regularly, but “life” gets in the way
and the intention goes by the wayside.  Then they get “stressed out” or begin to hurt
again and finally remember to call for a massage.  As therapists we hate to see people
hurting when we know that regularly scheduled massage can help ease and often
eliminate stress related aches and pains.  That’s why we’ve developed this innovative
new way to deliver massage.

Club Benefits

  • You receive massage on a regular, consistent basis and at a reduced rate!  
  • You determine your savings.
  • Convenient monthly charge to your credit/debit card.  
  • Six-month and twelve-month contract options.  
  • Monthly email reminders to schedule your massage(s).
  • Massage services in your home mean you don’t have to drive after your massage.
Call or email for pricing information.  We've created options for everyone.
Let us help you back into a well-balanced life!
Call today for a great massage without the drive!
Frequently Asked Questions About A Healing Touch Massage Club

Q  What if I’m unable to receive my massage(s) in a given month?  
A  This program is designed to help you.  Unused massages will simple roll to the end of
your program—you don’t loose them!

Q  I’m signing up for One 60-minute Massage per month but occasionally I know I’ll
need an extra massage.  What will additional massages above my package cost me?  
A  Additional massages can be purchased at the time of service for the same rate as
your package, in this case $70.00.  If this occurs a few times a year you may want to
consider increasing your regular frequency from once a month to once every three
weeks further increasing your savings and benefits.  There is no additional fee to
upgrade your package, just the new monthly rate.

Q  My mortgage payment comes out of my account on the twenty-fifth of the month.  
How can I make sure that your debit of my account will clear?  
A  On your contract there is a place for you to specify whether we debit on the first or
the fifteenth of the month.   If you initially signed up for the debit on the first and you
need to have us debit on the fifteenth, please notify us in writing and allow fifteen days
for the change in processing to take place.

Q  What if I want to tip my therapist?  
A  Tipping while never expected is always greatly appreciated and should be handled
with the therapist at the time service is rendered.

Q  I joined a popular massage business with a monthly fee and got a very good
massage, but when I went back I was told that therapist was no longer working there.  
The next massage I received was not as good as the first one.  How do I know that won’t
happen here?  
A  At A Healing Touch Massage you are dealing directly with the therapist/owners of the
company.  You may always request the same therapist for every massage.

Q  I signed up for One 90-minute massage per month and like the service so well my
wife wants to be included too.  Do I have to buy her a separate package?  
A  There are a couple of ways we can do this.  1) If you want to both receive massage
at the same time we’ll simply upgrade you to One 90-minute Couples’ massage per
month.  2) Some people prefer to receive their massage apart from their partner or both
clients want the same therapist to work on them, or one needs to watch the baby, get
the kids to practice, or whatever.  We can still use the Couples’ massage option.  3) If
clients wish to receive massage in separate visits we would put you into the Two 90-
minute massages per month package provided massages are performed at the same

Q  We have guests coming from out of town and we’d like to treat them to massage.  
Can we treat them on our package?  
A  What a great idea!  Absolutely.  We would just have you pay for their massages at
the time of service (or by phone in advance) at your package rate.

Q  I just received a large commission check.  Can I pay off the balance on my contract?
A  Yes, you may pay the remaining balance on your contract at any time.
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